About us

Bremic Curtainside Roll-tite Flatdbed Trucking Roll-tight Conestoga Bremic Curtainside Super B-Train


Bremic Carriers Inc. is a family owned, asset based transportation business based in Calgary, Alberta. We operate late model equipment and specialize in Curtainside and Roll-Tite Flatbed service throughout Western Canada. 


At Bremic Carriers, we are committed to providing premium customer service while ensuring our drivers' safety is never compromised. 

We are a team of safe, experienced and dedicated employees who understand the value of customer service and play an active role in providing solutions to customers and maintaining our customer service culture. 

Our target customer understands the value of our service in their operations and respects our need to provide a safe, consistent and respectful work environment for our driving team, and to build a sustainable business.

We also understand that the delivery of our customers' products is a direct reflection of us and we always strive to 'go the extra step' to facilitate the process for our customers with continuous communication and a dedication to excellence. 


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Service
  • Community  

These are not just promotional words to us - We believe in the meaning behind each word and at Bremic Carriers, we have developed a company culture that incorporates these concepts into everything we do.

No matter your role: employee, customer or service provider, we strive to ensure everyone is regarded with the utmost honesty and respect while offering a safe and conscientious environment. 


We are committed to the safety of our team and the people that we share our workplace with - on the road and on site. 

 Everyone at Bremic Carriers is encouraged and empowered to recognize and address unsafe situations at their discretion. 

We have designed our operational processes with the driver's wellbeing in mind, taking into consideration common challenges that drivers face through their day and finding alternative solutions to each of them. 

Our People

Brent Ryan

Brent Ryan founded Bremic Carriers in 2015, with the ambition to create an industry leading trucking company, providing a positive work environment for professional drivers and first-class trucking services for a select group of clients.

Born in a trucking family, Brent’s passion for the trucking industry and the people in it are unparalleled. Riding and working with his father from a very young age, Brent’s training included working in the yard and on the dock, driving trucks, working in operations and in senior management. 

After nearly 20 years in various senior management roles with a major Canadian carrier, Brent acted on his lifetime dream and opened Bremic Carriers. 

Brent’s diverse experience gives him a unique perspective on the industry and in providing solutions. His integrity and respectful approach to everything he does has set the tone of our culture at Bremic Carriers.